Twin Creeks Wedding Photography. Tina & Nathan

It is always a pleasure to photograph couples who were either in the bridal party or guests at previous weddings I have photographed. Christina was the chief bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding and this time around they reciprocated. It was lovely seeing lots of familiar faces again.

Christina and Nathan were married at St. Nicholas of Mira, Penrith and their reception was held at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club, Luddenham.

I love cloudy days and this day didn’t disappoint. It looked like it was going to rain but thankfully it held off and instead I was able to capture some amazing cloudscapes as backdrops for their photos.

These guys know how to party too! Enjoy.




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Dural Wedding Photography. Julia & Samyuel

I had the great pleasure of photographing one of coolest brides on her wedding day. You could imagine she just step out of a movie scene set in the 1950’s riding on her bright red motor scooter. It was so much fun.

Julia and Samyuel were married at St Judes Anglican Church in Dural which is a beautiful little picturesque sandstone church covered in Boston Ivy… a perfect backdrop for some wonderful location shots.

Afterwards they had a delightful vintage style afternoon tea in the grounds of the church which they had meticulously decorated themselves. The vintage atmosphere was just perfect with all the wonderful whimsical keepsakes.

Straight after, we headed just down the road to another wonderful location at Family Image Photography owned by my good friends, Brian & Kaylene Chapman. I was so excited to able to shoot there. They have an amazing outdoor studio with so many wonderful settings.

Just as I was about to start shooting, it poured with rain and the light dropped extremely quickly. What to do?… thankfully Julia and Samyuel were happy to continue. I was able to capture some very exciting images. As the light dropped fast, I pulled out my wireless radio transmitted off-camera-flash to create some great lighting effects. I was soaked to the bone but very excited about the images.

In keeping with the vintage theme, I have given the colour images a ‘retro colour’ look.


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The groom who loves his cars and his wife…

…well not necessarily in that order!

There were some pretty cool cars at Scott and Diane’s wedding. Diane arrived in ‘General Lee’, (Bo and Luke Duke’s pet name for their Hemi Orange Dodge Charger) from the TV series “Dukes of Hazzard”. Diane’s boys arrived in the ‘Bluesmobile’ which I am sure everyone will recognised from the movie “the Blues Brothers”

Then there was the Scott’s uke which he owns and ‘hotted up’. I have never seen a car so well utilised at a wedding. Not only was it his arrival car, but it was used as a table top for the signing of the register. They also stood on it to toss the throw-away bouquet and garter and of course it was a great prop for some of their photos and their get-away car. Oh, and guess what I stood on, to take the large group photo of all the guests? It was a very practical wedding car indeed.

I love ‘home grown’ country style weddings. They are so much more relaxed without the pressure of time restraints that can be imposed on the bride and groom, the guests and us as photographers.

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Allegro Wedding Photography. Lauren & Miles

August is normally known to be the windy month of the year, but on the day of Lauren and Miles’ wedding, they could not have asked for a more perfect day. It was as if Spring had arrived, so beautifully warm.

Lauren and Miles were married in the enchanting gardens of a beautiful Mediterranean villa called Allegro which is situated in Kenthurst, where they also celebrated their reception.

I had a wonderful time capturing their very special day. The winter light is just so beautiful with the sun setting quite early in the afternoon. It also gave me the opportunity to capture some stunning night shots. I am pretty excited with the end result. I hope you like them too.

Something happened that night that I hadn’t seen for many years. The groomsmen and some of their mates decided to ‘decorate’ bride and groom’s car with cans tied to the back of the car, shaving cream, etc. This used to be a very popular tradition many years ago, but these days if a wedding car hire company was booked, then usually they pick up the bride and groom at the end of the night to drive them to their honeymoon night. It was fun to capture the boys in the act.

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Lithgow Wedding Photography – A sneak peak

Rainy days can be challenging for a wedding but I really embrace the challenge! You can get some seriously amazing shots on a rainy day like this one from Elizabeth and Matthew’s wedding. The rain did not stop at all for their wedding which was held up at Lithgow in the Blue Mountains last weekend. I love the mists over the mountains and the raindrops shining in the headlights of the cars.

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