Ashley and Vaughan

Well once again it is always a pleasure to come back to familiar clients and photograph another wedding from their family. This is the third wedding I have photographed from this delightful family and what an honour it was. Ashley and Vaughan were married at what has to be one of the most stunning outdoor settings for a wedding in the Blue Mountains, being Yester Grange Historic House and Estate at Wentworth Falls. But I must say the day had to be one of the coldest I have ever experienced at a wedding. Ashley and her bridesmaids arrived well prepared covered with big warm coats and very stylish black muffs (with small zippered pockets inside for lipstick and other necessities… ingenious!) to brave the elements. Well done! I don’t know what the actual temperature was but it had to be well below 10 degrees. I think I might invest in a little digital thermometer to attach to my camera bag in future just for curiosity sake!

Another first for me was having a bride in a red and black wedding dress. She looked stunning especially against the bridesmaids who were dressed in black. The theme of the wedding was Black Tie. As you can see from the images below, it was not your traditional wedding attire, as the groom and groomsmen wore skull heads in their button holes and skull head cuff links to match!

You will notice in one of the images, a very cute moment when a little girl (the daughter of one of the bridesmaids) was running back and forth through the ceremony wearing a cute double pom pom hat.

After the ceremony we headed off to my favourite cliff top where the bridal party and I were really exposed to the elements…. brrrr, but it was well worth it. The late afternoon sky was spectacular.

Then it was off to The Mountain Heritage Hotel and Spa Retreat at Katoomba for the reception where we finally thawed out after being welcomed by a warm open fire. Thank you Ashley and Vaughan for wonderful day even if we did freeze!

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Ashley (Bride) - 11/09/2008 - 2:37 am

Thanks Peter – you did an amazing job.

I especially love the photos on the cliff top. You really managed to capture how cold and windy it was!!!

I think it was actually around 8 degrees that day. We were so lucky with the weather because it snowed the next day as we were leaving – and the skys were grey and miserable!!!!

Sarah - 11/09/2008 - 2:39 am

Well Done Peter! You have captured my little brother and his new wife perfectly! The pictures are absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to see the rest of them. Geez it brings back just how cold it was!!

Sarah Olliffe

Peter Karp Photography - 11/09/2008 - 3:45 am

Thanks Ashley and Sarah for your comments. It was a pleasure capturing your wonderful day.

It seemed colder than 8 degrees especially by the time we arrived at the cliff top. Now that would have been another first for me if it had snowed on the same day. I dream about a white wedding!

Talk to you soon.

Take care,

lerakash - 14/08/2019 - 11:36 pm

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Natalie and Shane

Congratulations to Natalie and Shane who celebrated their special day at Mount Annan Botanic Garden. These amazing gardens are the sensation of the late 18th century in the field of botany which was the discovery of a new continent filled with exotic plants unknown to the rest of the world. Mount Annan Botanic Garden displays over 4000 of these, set in 410 hectares of hills and lakes. You can imagine that it was a stunning setting for Natalie and Shane’s wedding.

Thankfully the rain held off too. It rained just as I was leaving the girls getting ready and with an hours drive away from the dark clouds, not one drop fell on the ceremony and for the photos after. We then heard news that it was bucketing with rain back at the reception at Nepean Shores, Penrith but still amazingly it didn’t come in our direction. So how good is that!

Thanks guys for a great day. Enjoy some of my favourite images of the day.

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Kimberley and James

Kimberley and James were married recently in the prime of Autumn in our stunning Blue Mountains. After weeks of rain, it finally stopped for a good part of their special day. The ceremony was held at St. Finbar’s Catholic Church, Glenbrook which is an amazing architecturally designed church building with it’s sweeping curved timber lined roof and a beautiful restored pipe organ dating back to 1881.

Then it was off to Yester Grange, Wentworth Falls and surroundings for some stunning Autumn location scenes and Mountain backdrops. After that we headed up to the Mountain Heritage, Katoomba which was just perfect for a wet and windy cold night with its luxurious lounge areas and roaring open fires.

Below are some images from the day. In the last shot you will notice two jigsaw puzzles which the guests had a lot of fun putting together. A very novel idea. They were made up from some images I had taken of Kimberley and James during their engagement sitting.

Well guys, I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and I look forward seeing you both soon. Thank you for a wonderful day and braving the elements!

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Not a soccer mom - 10/09/2008 - 3:38 pm

WOW! Absolutely beautiful photography. I love the way you use nature in your pictures to capture the moment as if the viewer is actually attending.
kudos to you

Peter Karp Photography - 12/09/2008 - 1:54 pm

Wow, what a lovely comment all the way from Utah! Thank you so much for that. Just curious as to how you came across my blog?

I love wedding photography and landscape photography. I am very privileged to be surrounded by such amazing landscapes living in the Blue Mountains. To top it off, the Blue Mountains is a very popular wedding destination. So the situation is just perfect for me, marrying the two (pun not intended!) different styles of photography together. At least that what I hope people can see.

Thank you for visiting.

Kate and Meade

I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding in the beautiful Hunter Valley. What a stunning setting it was at Peppers Creek. I must say that I have never seen such a huge fire place behind a bridal table. And those gorgeous candelabras with all its molten wax built up over the years just completed the atmosphere. They were all lit up for an enchanting evening.

On top of that was another wonderful setting where the bridal party and some of the guests stayed for the weekend at Casuarina Estates with it’s wonderful theme suites… The Moulin Rouge theme room for example. Just amazing! Apologies to the management of Casuarina, we know that the rooms were ‘non smoking’ but it was just a quick puff for the guys with their cigars! It did make a great photo opportunity that I couldn’t resist. Sorry!

Congratulations Kate and Meade. No doubt you had a wonderful weekend just as much as I did capturing your very special day along with some very funny moments with that hilarious bridal party of yours. Below are some of those moments. I particularly like the one where the bridesmaids were trying so hard throughout the ceremony to keep the train of Kate’s dress nice and taut by actually stepping on the very edge of it, so that it wouldn’t be blown around by the breeze. Then there was a moment prior to the ceremony where one of the girls was literally under Kate’s dress fixing the hoop. Their attention to detail was impeccable. Well done girls. Perfect bridesmaid material!

Enjoy a sneak preview guys and don’t be shy, be the first to make a comment!

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Kim and Stuart

Kim and Stuart were married last weekend at St Stephens Anglican Church, Penrith. They were so blessed with a beautiful day. It rained the day before and for three days following but not a drop fell on their very special day (apart from that huge waterfall on location!).

After, the ceremony we all headed off to a fun reception at the Colebee Centre, Nurragingy Reserve, Doonside. What a blast that was and a pretty cool light show for dancing too.

Have a wonderful honeymoon guys and we look forward to seeing you when you get back. In the meantime enjoy a sneak preview of your wonderful day.

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Anonymous - 11/02/2008 - 6:00 am

What beautiful photos! They really are amazing…… nearly as amazing as that ‘hot’ photographer! Woe Baby!

Anonymous - 18/02/2008 - 6:58 am

The photos are gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing our day with us. We can’t wait to see the album.
Thanks again. Stuart & Kim