Chapel Hill Wedding Photography – Jessica & Nathan

Please welcome my next delightful couple, Jessica and Nathan. I never tire of the stunning electric blue checkered windows inside the chapel at Chapel Hill Retreat. The vibrant colours really are mesmerizing. It made a beautiful backdrop for this lovely profile shot of Jessica and Nathan… so serene.

I was particularly excited about what was happening before my eyes as I captured the last image in this series. BTW, there is no Photoshop trickery. This really happened! We were just wrapping up the location photos before heading into the wedding reception when I noticed the beautiful colours in the sky at dusk. So I thought, quick lets create a lovely silhouette and then I noticed this really long spectacular thin pink cloud. Just then I had an idea and thought this could look like a beautiful pink veil blowing in the wind… well it wasn’t windy but you could just imagine it. So I positioned my camera so that the cloud was in perfect alignment with the back of Jessica’s head. Boom!
I’m calling this “The bride with the pink veil!”

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Elodie - 17/08/2022 - 11:59 pm

Hi Peter,
We are getting married on 27th May 2023 at Chapel Hill and seeing as you have experience with them and take lovely photos we were hoping to get an idea of your fees/packages. I understand you do not have a videographer but may be able to suggest one also.

Thank you,
Kind Regards
Elodie & Ashby

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