Chapel Hill wedding photography. Lauralie & Troy

What an amazing Autumn we have had this year in the Blue Mountains. The blazing colours have lasted for such a long period of time thanks to the dryer weather and the delayed colder temperatures this year. This was my last wedding for Autumn and wow what a beautiful end to the season it was. I love photographing weddings at Chapel Hill. It is such a romantic/enchanting venue especially at this time of the year. I had so much pleasure photographing Lauralie and Troy’s wedding.

Lauralie had the most amazing bouquet called an heirloom brooch bouquet. It was made by Lillybuds Bespoke Bridal an award winning floral designer in Perth, WA. As the name suggest, this ethereal bouquet was hand crafted from brooches. It was absolutely divine. I have never seen anything like it in 27 years of photographing weddings. As you can imagine, it was not light to hold. Lauralie got a good workout carrying this all day but how stunning she looked.

It was also a gorgeous full moon night despite being pretty cold by this stage. Another first for me was to capture the send-off party, each holding sparklers. The guests did very well with the logistics of lighting the sparklers all at once. What a beautiful scene!

Here are some of my favourite highlights from their very special day.

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Everglades Wedding Photography. Hayley & Mike

I have had so many beautiful Autumn weddings this year. It is by far my favourite time of the year and being a local in the Blue Mountains we are so privileged to have some of the most spectacular Autumn colours in this country.

Here some of my favourite highlights from Hayley and Mike’s wedding. They reside in Canberra but were drawn to the enchanting Blue Mountains for their very special day at Everglades Historic House & Gardens.

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“My name is Bond, James Bond”

These guys were pretty funny. In 27 years of photographing weddings, I have never seen groomsmen wearing masks disguised as James Bond…very original! The bride had no idea about this little plan of theirs.

Anyway, here is a little sneak preview of such a delightful couple’s wedding, Corinne and Jarrod Parker. It was another perfect Autumn day and one of my absolute favourite local venues in the Blue Mountains, Yester Grange. There were still gorgeous autumn colours in the trees even though winter is just around the corner.


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