The groom who loves his cars and his wife…

…well not necessarily in that order!

There were some pretty cool cars at Scott and Diane’s wedding. Diane arrived in ‘General Lee’, (Bo and Luke Duke’s pet name for their Hemi Orange Dodge Charger) from the TV series “Dukes of Hazzard”. Diane’s boys arrived in the ‘Bluesmobile’ which I am sure everyone will recognised from the movie “the Blues Brothers”

Then there was the Scott’s uke which he owns and ‘hotted up’. I have never seen a car so well utilised at a wedding. Not only was it his arrival car, but it was used as a table top for the signing of the register. They also stood on it to toss the throw-away bouquet and garter and of course it was a great prop for some of their photos and their get-away car. Oh, and guess what I stood on, to take the large group photo of all the guests? It was a very practical wedding car indeed.

I love ‘home grown’ country style weddings. They are so much more relaxed without the pressure of time restraints that can be imposed on the bride and groom, the guests and us as photographers.

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