Dural Wedding Photography. Julia & Samyuel

I had the great pleasure of photographing one of coolest brides on her wedding day. You could imagine she just step out of a movie scene set in the 1950’s riding on her bright red motor scooter. It was so much fun.

Julia and Samyuel were married at St Judes Anglican Church in Dural which is a beautiful little picturesque sandstone church covered in Boston Ivy… a perfect backdrop for some wonderful location shots.

Afterwards they had a delightful vintage style afternoon tea in the grounds of the church which they had meticulously decorated themselves. The vintage atmosphere was just perfect with all the wonderful whimsical keepsakes.

Straight after, we headed just down the road to another wonderful location at Family Image Photography owned by my good friends, Brian & Kaylene Chapman. I was so excited to able to shoot there. They have an amazing outdoor studio with so many wonderful settings.

Just as I was about to start shooting, it poured with rain and the light dropped extremely quickly. What to do?… thankfully Julia and Samyuel were happy to continue. I was able to capture some very exciting images. As the light dropped fast, I pulled out my wireless radio transmitted off-camera-flash to create some great lighting effects. I was soaked to the bone but very excited about the images.

In keeping with the vintage theme, I have given the colour images a ‘retro colour’ look.


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