Mt Tomah & Chapel Hill Retreat Wedding

Kate and Peter were recently married at the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens, Mount Tomah and their reception was held at Chapel Hill Retreat, Berambing. It was a such a beautiful glorious day. Fortunately their wedding was held on Sunday as the day before it had been raining all day.

This wedding had to be one of the most laid back, relaxed weddings I have ever photographed. On arrival at the groom’s home, the boys were all ready dressed and playing a little golf putting in the hallway, then they were singing and dancing.

Kate and Peter had a Rose Ceremony for their respective mothers during their wedding ceremony. But there was one little hick-up … there were no roses! No problem! As quick as a flash, the maid of honour broke off two stems of tulips from her bouquet and gave them to the bride and groom to give to their mums. So instead of a rose ceremony I guess you could say it was a tulip ceremony…the symbolic meaning of it all was still the same.

There are quite a few extra photos I have included in this particular blog which may help you sense how relaxed these lovely people were.


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